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product overview
  • Mastectomy products by Lisa B Originals are original works of art handcrafted in Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Silicone composites make each lightweight prosthesis life-like.

  • Skin Characteristics are Intrinsic – this means that characteristics such as skin colour, veins, freckles, birthmarks, etc. are designed below the surface and will not wear off.

  • Multiple Layers of Colouration add depth and realism to each piece.

  • Non-Slip Surface ensures the prosthesis will not move around or “pop out” within a properly fitted bra.

  • Designed to Fit Comfortably against the chest wall in regular (non-mastectomy) style bras and swimwear.

  • Completely Waterproof and safe for swimming, with no effect on the product.

  • Works with the Body’s Natural Temperature and does not cause sweating.

  • Leak-proof because the prosthesis does not contain any liquid substance.

  • Two-Year Warranty matches renewal periods through most group insurance and government benefit plans.

  • Enhancers or partial prosthesis share all the attributes of our Regular (Full) and Slight prostheses and are individually designed to replace the missing portion of the affected breast to create symmetry. Or in some cases where development of one breast is greater than the other our Enhancers can provide an enlargement of at least one cup size to the smaller breast. Each Enhancer is custom made to fit the individual that has been assessed and measured by a Lisa B Originals Certified Fitter.
    These are Custom Made items available at a Regular Prosthesis price. Please allow three weeks for delivery.

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