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why we are here
At the age of 10, Garry was first exposed to breast cancer when his aunt - a beautiful young lady of 36 years - succumbed to the terror of this disease. About 40 years later, a close friend of Garry was hospitalized for lumpectomy surgery. The next day Garry learned that she in fact had a total unilateral mastectomy. Sometime later, while teasing each other as they often did (unaware of what the future had in store for Garry), there was a comment that they should have made a copy of her breast so that sometime in the future it could be put back on. It was not long after this, that news of another loved one would hit Garry hard. For some reason he found himself profoundly affected when his sister-in-law, Lisa, was diagnosed with breast cancer and had both of her breasts removed in 2010. It was at that time that he began to have constant thoughts of breast cancer and what it had done to the lives of his dear aunt and friend - and now, Lisa. This led him to the direction in which his life is now consumed. With the help of his wife, Pam, and many fabulous women – some of whom became Lisa B models – Lisa B developed their first breast prosthesis in June of 2011.

the ultimate compliment

A short time later, the ultimate compliment came when a client told Garry that she, while relaxing on her patio reading a book, looked down at her chest and forgot she had ever had breast cancer. It is the hopes of Garry and all involved with Lisa B Originals that every woman affected by breast loss due to cancer can feel just like that.